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Green Computing Report Contributors

Nicole Hemsoth

Nicole Hemsoth, Senior Contributing Editor

Nicole Hemsoth brings her insights to Green Computing Report from a broad range of knowledge based upon years of experience chronicling the worlds of high performance, cloud, and data-intensive, and green computing. As managing editor of HPCwire, founding editor of Datanami, and former editor of HPC in the Cloud, Nicole blends a unique mix of news and perspectives from across the academic and enterprise spheres on to a larger canvas of technologies and trends that are reshaping energy efficiency and eco-friendly computing in the datacenter.

Wu Feng

Wu Feng, Professor, Virginia Tech, Founder, Green500

Wu Feng is an Assoc. Professor of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech, and the director of the Synergy Laboratory, which conducts research at the synergistic intersection of systems, middleware, and application software. Highly regarded as an early pioneer and an expert in green supercomputing, Feng is widely recognized for introducing the first energy efficient and eco-friendly supercomputer, Green Destiny, in 2001. Feng’s research, studies, and early work set the standards for other researchers to follow, and ultimately created the impetus for his founding of the Green500 in 2005.

Chris Willard

Chris Willard, Ph.D.

Chris Willard is co-founder and chief research officer of Intersect360 Research. Willard leads the demand-side and supplier-driven data analysis practice for Intersect360 Research's forward-looking market intelligence subscription service. A 25-year veteran of the HPC industry, Willard's career spans three decades with Intersect360 Research, Tabor Research as a senior research consultant, IDC as a HPC research vice president, and Data Quest as a senior analyst. Prior to analyst, Willard worked with Cray Research as a software engineer, and at GE/NASA Ames as a systems engineer and lead user services consultant.

Steve Campbell

Steve Campbell

With over 40 years of experience working with advanced computing technologies, Steve Campbell is a senior-level consulting and marketing professional highly regarded for his expertise in alternative energy systems, eco-efficient datacenters, green IT, HPC, cloud computing and data-intensive computing technologies. Campbell’s wide range of experience includes senior VP positions in product management and product marketing, and enterprise systems, in addition to vice president of marketing roles for Hitachi, Sun Microsystems, FPS Computing, Convex Computer Corporation, and Scientific Computer Systems. Campbell has also served on the boards of and as interim CEO/CMO of several early-stage technology companies, and is co-founder and Managing Partner with Orion Marketing, a full service professional marketing consulting firm.